Peg Leg's Event Details

Why Peg Leg’s Paracon?

Why would JPI name their paracon after a pirate?  Actually, Peg Leg Van Camp was a grave digger and caretaker of the mill property.  During an unknown event, he lost his leg at the knee and was fitted with a wooden prosthetic-aka a peg leg!  Our event is named in honor of his time at the mill, even if his role there was not the most glorious.  More importantly than the name, this event is to bring awareness of the historical importance and paranormal background of the location.  ALL profits collected from the event will be donated to the Red Mill Museum Village to aid in their continued restoration, preservation and educational efforts.

TicketsAdmission tickets are $15.00 per person.  Children under 12 years of age will be admitted to the event FREE. 

 What does my Admission include?

Food Vendors-Flemington Bagel Company-serving coffee, bagels and breakfast sandwiches.More food vendors will be announced as they are secured!

ToursWalking historical and ghost tours of the mill property at 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Historical Demonstrations and Exhibits

  • The mill blacksmiths will be on hand in the Blacksmith Shop throughout the day.
  • Take a walk inside the first floor of the main building and view the World War I exhibit, Over Here: The New Jersey Home Front, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the US entry into the war.  
  • Peruse the mill property’s various outbuildings at your leisure, including our namesake, Peg Leg’s Shack!

Paranormal Demonstrations-all demonstrations will begin on the half hour

  • Video Presentation, first floor of the mill-This area will house a video presentation including testimonies from mill employees, JPI Investigators discussing their experiences at the mill and evidence JPI has collected during the multiple investigations conducted at the Museum Village
  • Dowsing, School House-Attendees will learn the history of this divination technique that was often used to find water and ores, dating back to the 15th Century.  
  • Equipment Demonstration, second floor of the mill-JPI investigators will teach attendees about the paranormal tools of the trade.  
  • Mini Investigation, fourth floor of the mill-JPI Investigators will be on hand to hand out equipment and aid attendees in a mini ghost hunt of this floor of the mill.  Past investigations have yielded names of spirits on this floor, equipment malfunctioning or falling over,  as well as attendees public events feeling psychic contact.  You are ABSOLUTELY welcome to bring your own equipment to the site and see what kind of evidence you are able to collect.  HOWEVER, ANYONE FOUND TO BE “PROVOKING” SPIRIT ACTIVITY WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE EVENT, WITHOUT REFUND.  

Speakers and Vendors- Please view the respective Speaker and Vendor webpages to see the great lineup that is in store!  Speaker times and topics will be provided on the webpage as they are decided.  

Nighttime Paranormal Investigation 8pm to 11pm (NOT INCLUDED in BASE TICKET PRICE)There will be a paranormal investigation of the mill property during the evening.  This is a full, free roam investigation which will allow attendees to investigate the mill and it’s various outhouses at their leisure, the same way JPI does! JPI members will be available to aid attendees as needed.  (Note. Some buildings may be inaccessible due to structural concerns or renovations). You are ABSOLUTELY welcome to bring your own equipment to the site and see what kind of evidence you are able to collect.  HOWEVER, ANYONE FOUND TO BE “PROVOKING” SPIRIT ACTIVITY WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE EVENT, WITHOUT REFUND.  

Additional Information

Parking- Lot across from Clinton House Restaurant-South of Old 22 and West Main St intersectionLower Centre St lot (by Hunterdon Art Museum)Water St lot-intersection of Halstead St and Water St.Parallel parking is also available on the town roadways
Cameras- The Red Mill is the most photographed location in the state of New Jersey!  Please feel free to bring your camera and take photographs.  If you are using a tripod for landscape photography, please be cognizant of foot traffic and other guest.  Tripods and flash photography will not be permitted during any presentations as to not interfere with presentations and infringe on the ability of other attendees to enjoy the event.
Bathrooms- There are public restroom facilities to the left of the main office building across from the mill.  Additionally, there will be port a potties located at the Northern end of the property by the Schoolhouse for your convenience.  
Trash- Trash receptacles will be located throughout the property.  The grounds are private property and under the care of the museum staff.  Please be respectful of them and do not litter.